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All About LPG and Bulk LPG Prices

LPG means Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a mix of hydrocarbon gases that are utilized as a gas in heating gadgets and vehicles. Melted petroleum gas is a clean-burning fossil fuel that perhaps utilized to power internal burning engines. LPG-fueled vehicles are environment pleasant, as they create less hazardous and also smog-forming air pollutants. LPG is usually less costly compared to fuel.

It includes hydrocarbons in a vapour state instead of fluids, at typical temperature levels and also pressures. However, at moderate stress it turns into liquid. The main constituent of LPG is lp. LPG is progressively replacing chlorofluorocarbons as aerosol propellant as well as a refrigerant to reduce damages to the ozone layer.

The incineration of the melted petroleum gas writes Co2 (CO ²) and also a water vapour. Therefore, the presence of enough air is very important. If the air would certainly not exist, it would certainly result in the manufacturing of a really harmful gas Carbon monoxide gas (Carbon Monoxide).

LPG is generated by refining petroleum and is mostly acquired from fossil fuel resources. It is synthesized during the refining of petroleum, or removed from oil and also gas streams when they materialise from the ground. Currently, it supplies 3% of the consumed energy. LPG has a particular calorific value of 46.1 MJ/Kg as compared with 42.5 MJ/Kg for diesel and 43.5 MJ/Kg for gas.

LPG evaporates at normal temperatures and stress. Consequently, it is supplied in pressurised containers of steel. These containers are not completely loaded so to enable thermal expansion of LPG. Typically they are filled in between 80% to 85% of their ability. Large quantities of LPG might be saved in bulk containers as well as can be buried underground if need be.

On the other hand, gas cyndrical tubes could additionally be used. LPG burns cleanly without soot as well as min sulfur emissions thereby positioning no air pollution dangers. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is much heavier compared to air, and has the tendency to flow along floors as well as resolves in low altitude areas. This can trigger suffocation as well as ignition dangers otherwise cared for.

LPG is commonly offered. It is the best option for various other energies. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is much more secure to use compared to gasoline. The tanks in which it is filled are unsusceptible to the common informal fires, which occur due to leak of gas. It is also less costly compared to gas at most restaurants, if we contrast the rate of a gallon of fuel with the cost of a little bigger volume of LPG needed to drive the same range. LPG gets in the engine through vapours. It does not clean oil bizarre of cylinders neither does it water down the oil when the engine is cool. It does not contaminate the oil with carbon fragments and sulfuric acid. As a result, the engine operating on LPG has a much longer life as well as its maintenance price is reduced.

Although it is an option for various other gases, yet still it is obtained from petroleum, therefore if there is shortage of petroleum there would be lack of LPG too.

Bulk LPG Prices

Bulk LPG prices are often debated – but review this story from a Guardian journalist who converted his car:

Drivers who do higher mileage, and those who run cars that are fuel inefficient (such as a 4×4) will find that the payback period for switching to LPG could be as little as a year.

It is mystifying that more drivers are not going down the LPG route. Sceptics told us that we would never be able to find LPG, fuel consumption would be poor and reliability iffy.

But 12 months on, with 88,000 miles now on the clock, our car has performed perfectly.

Best of all, we’ve become used to paying £32 to fill our car compared with £70 if we were buying petrol. We paid an average of around 74p a litre for LPG, while the price of petrol has been close to £1.36.

Each tank (about 9.6 gallons) gives us around 290 miles. Running costs on gas – we still use a little petrol per tank – have been 12p a mile, compared with 17p if running purely on petrol.

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How To Become An Electrician by Rebus Training

If you are thinking about becoming an electrician, there are some things you should consider. The electrical field is a growing one and it takes time and training to become a certified electrician. You may be working on a home remodelling one day and a large construction project the next, which means you will need to know exactly what types of electrical issues you might face in many different situations. Here are a few tips and some advice on entering the electrical field.

Understand The Job

The first thing you should do is learn about what it involved in being an electrician. Depending upon what type of work you do, these requirements may vary, but you can still get a basic understanding of the type of work electricians perform. There are two basic types of electrical work: commercial and residential. Each of these has distinct codes and tasks. It is important to learn about both and decide if you want to specialize in one area or be trained to do both kinds of work. It helps to be able to answer the following questions with a Yes:

  • Do you enjoy working with your hands?
  • Can you work in confined spaces?
  • Do you enjoy working outside?
  • Do you like heights?
  • Could you work on a ladder or a lift all day?
  • Do you enjoy working with others?
  • Do you enjoy learning new skills?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you may make a good electrician.

However, understanding the job also means getting the right training! Here at Rebus Training, we specialise in 17th edition courses, Part P courses and all kinds of basic electrician training for the Stoke, Manchester, and Birmingham areas.

The Job

The electrician’s job typically includes the following:

  • Repairing, maintaining, and installing components and equipment in compliance with state and national electrical standards, codes, and regulations.
  • Knowledge of electrical equipment, tools, and materials.
  • The operation of various testing equipment to locate types of malfunctions and determine how to fix them.
  • Ability to work off a ladder for an extended length of time.
  • Knowledge of the national and state electrical standards, codes, and regulations.
  • Ability to pass a background check, drug screen, and physical abilities test.
  • Good verbal and written communication.
  • A valid drivers’ license.

Get The Right Training

Joining an apprenticeship program is the best way to get trained. In this program, you will learn all the technical requirements of becoming an electrician. It is hard to learn these while on the job since teaching a skill while performing a task can cause problems and add to the time it takes to complete the job.

While master electricians can teach certain tasks while on the job, some of the more technical tasks such as calculations are best taught in a controlled environment. An apprenticeship program provides you the training and skills necessary to go to work in the electrical field when you graduate.

Once you graduate and get hired, chances are you will still be apprenticed to a master electrician for a time. The master electrician can teach you the little tips of the trade that will make you a better electrician.

How to Find a Reliable Plumber: Whether You’re Based in California or Congleton!

Finding a plumber is an easy task. Finding a good plumber is not as easy but it is possible. The best way to be sure you got the best one is by starting early. This may not sound like good advice if you need one now so here is what you can do now.

Ask around. Get a few numbers from friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues. People only recommend a person who did a good job. They will be sure to tell you about the disappointments they experienced so listen keenly. If many people speak ill of a particular plumber or plumbing company then avoid it. You may get a few glowing recommendations. If one number appears more than once among your circles, then you know you have a winner.

Consult another professional in the construction industry. If you recently rewired your house or repaired your roof then you have the contacts of these individuals. Ask them to recommend a good plumber they may know. They are most likely to pick the name of a friend. This is not a bad thing. If they were reliable then they will pick a plumber who will give you service that is similar to theirs. They will also be careful not to ruin the reputation that they have built with you.

If you are still unable to pick a choice then check how long the plumber has been in business. This should be relatively simple if he is registered. An experienced plumber should be able to answer most of your questions. It would also be wise to check out a union or registration body. They will have a list of every genuine plumber. They will also caution you against rogue dealers. Finally, if you are not sure who to pick, pick a plumber who is part of a company. A company is likely to be more accountable because they have a physical address and are registered.

Plumbing is, unfortunately, one of those markets and industries, that is often full of con-artists and cowboys. They are unethical and prey on the vulnerable who don’t know enough, or aren’t strong enough to argue, whilst surrounding by a pool of growing water from a leak. So when you have an emergency, or how do you ensure that the person you call to come and fix it ASAP is reliable and won’t overcharge as they believe it’s easy money?

The first option and probably the best, is to have a small list of recommended plumbers (and other emergency tradesmen) on-hand from friends and family – people who have been used before, preferably multiple times, and have a reputation for being fair, ethical and with good service. Plumbers in California or plumbers in Congleton will always rely on a great reputation – this is true all over the world, and so they are the ones to trust the most.

If you have no recommendations list, and you don’t have the time to ask around (lets imagine a growing pool of water in the kitchen!), then the first place you will want to look is online. But don’t jump straight into the plumbers websites themselves yet – instead head over to the Institute of Plumbing, which is an official website to improve plumbers and the way they work. This site also has a directory listing of every plumber, and you can search it fully – the most useful method being by postcode – so instantly you can see all plumbers in Congleton, or wherever you are!

YouTube is another emerging option for finding plumbers that can be reliable, with them taking the time and effort to actually bother putting a video together – see this example of plumbers in Congleton:

When you have begun ringing a few people, make sure you ask them certain questions in order to gauge their professionalism. For example:

  • Ask how long they have been in the plumbing business, and how long they have had this particular company (to ensure they don’t constantly switch names)
  • For non-emergency work – as if they have previous jobs where you would be able to visit and inspect their work (helps rule out those who quit half-way through a job).
  • Does anybody recommend them and can you get their details?
  • Insured plumbers are a must – in case something goes wrong, you want to ensure they can fix it, no matter the costs (accidents do happen to even the best plumbers Congleton sometimes, so ensure your plumber is insured)
  • Do they belong to professional bodies in their industry – e.g. APHC – which regulate all plumbing and heating specialists, these professional bodies have codes of ethics and members must stick to them or they can be reported by you and face being kicked out!

Freeing Up Your Finances – A Guide To Pension Release and Reclaiming Packaged Bank Accounts

Have you noticed an increase in Facebook ads on your timelines for ‘Reclaiming packaged bank account charges’? We have! It seems to be the next big thing in claiming back unlawful charges, after the PPI charges. Our close friend, Chris Dando, owns one growing firm that specialise in a range of financial services. We’ve invited him to discuss some of his firms’ services today.

pig and poundsHi everyone. My company has a few different service lines, but basically serves 2 main channels: 1. Pension release and 2. Reclaiming back bank charges for packaged accounts.

So first let me explain about what pension release is, and our main website.

“My money! I need it now.” Congratulations, you’ve reached an age where your years of savings will start to pay off. Now it’s time for you to get an understanding of pension release, and what it means to you. You have looked at your pension pot and you like what you see, you’re ready to withdraw some money. Here are some things to keep in mind.

If you are 55 or older:

  • Lump sum
  • Annuity
  • Taxes

If you are under 55:

  • Tax Liabilities and/or penalties
  • Fees and/or commissions involved
  • Effect process on the remaining value

Is pension release right for me?

You’re 55 or over, haven’t reached the retirement age, and you’re thinking about digging into your pension pot.

It is highly recommended that you speak with your financial adviser or a qualified firm (like ours) before speaking to a pension release firm. A reason for that is, a regulated advice must follow certain rules and should only recommend a product suitable for you.

This will protect you if the product doesn’t happen to have your best interest at heart, or worse if the product itself was a scam made to lose your money and have someone else pocket your hard work.

If you’re under 55 there are still options for digging into your pension but keep in mind that because you have an agreement and you’re violating that agreement you’ll have to pay some liabilities and/or penalties for this action as high as 50-70% tax.

Early pension release

You may have seen it in a text, e-mail or even as a letter sent home, “pension release” promising a chance to take out a loan against your pension, and this maybe comes with fine print (or sometimes no print) that you will have a heavy tax bill of 50-70% of the withdraw.

Even if you claim to have had a misunderstanding or you were unaware you had broken tax rules, you offer to put the money back in your pension, you have paid fees to the company involved, or have spent all the money you have withdrawn; you will still have to pay tax.

While we understand that emergencies happen, before you decide to dig into the pension pot, keep in mind that going for an early pension release may be against your long-term financial interests.

What are my options?

You have some options for your pension release that you can consider; you can choose from annuity, big lump sum or small lump sums.

If your company has been around for a long time and you don’t see it going anywhere, on top of that your financially stable, then you would consider an annuity.

If that company is a little more on the fragile side, maybe in the auto or airline industry, you may want to think about lump sum where you can have full control of your money, and possibly invest some of it into an IRA. Find a financial adviser who will be able to handle this task and point you in the right direction. Or contact us at


Now, on to reclaiming packaged bank account fees!

A packaged bank account or otherwise known as ‘paid for account’ is a set-up account which users pay an annual fee to an account that includes various insurance products. Other common names that are used to refer to packaged accounts include; upgraded, gold, premium and reward. An ideal packaged account covers benefits such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, airport lounge privileges, special rates on loans and overdrafts, breakdown coverage and reduced prices on various products and services. Although at least 1 person in every 5 bank customers has a packaged bank account, many have complained of being automatically enrolled without consent. To make it worse, some customers do not even know that they have such an account while others are misguided into believing that paid for accounts are mandatory especially when accessing other benefits such as home mortgage.

Since the monthly fee of most packaged bank accounts ranges between £8 and £25, any non-authorized payment of similar rate can signify a mis-sold. Fortunately, it is possible to raise a complaint and reclaim packaged bank account. In a reclaim settlement, customers who have paid for a packaged account but have never enjoyed the benefits can get a refund. For instance, a £25 consistent payment for 4 years can accrue £1200 which can be reimbursed after a successful complaint.

Our company provides a specialist website on each of these unique claim packages, which you can view here:

To avoid confusion or any inconvenience, it is important to know the reasons which can stand to reclaim packaged accounts. For example, getting a breakdown cover whereas you do not own a car is pretty ludicrous. Other customers are unable to access any of the benefits due to individual situations such as age, residence and employment. Further, in some cases the accounts are upgraded without prior notification or the customer was informed that he/she could not cancel the account. Matter fact, there are other places where clients can obtain the benefits for a cheaper price.

The first step that customers should follow in case of a mis-sold account is to raise a complaint at the bank. However, account holders should not be dissuaded to drop the matter if the bank refuses to refund the accumulated fee. Some banks have a habit of making customers think that they do not have a valid claim. It is, therefore, important to keep persisting with a complaint even if the bank does not uphold the refund. If still the client is not satisfied or does not get a response within 8 weeks, the last resort should be to seek the services of financial authorities especially those that offer free services. Other claim firms charge a fee of up to 30 percent of the reclaimed fee. However, it is recommended to find a well-established firm that charges minimum commission.

Every successful refund should include a judicial interest policy. The interest rate is about 8 percent of the total reclaim per year. The basis of the flat rate is that the customer would likely have gained interest if the account funds had not been reduced. Hence, it is mandatory for a reclaim packaged bank account to include additional interest amount on the accumulated payment.

I hope this article was useful to you, and if you have any questions, drop us a line on any of the above websites. Make sure you check if you’re owed money for a PBA, as a lot of people don’t realise!!

The Importance of PAT Testing – Even for Small Businesses

We have a good friends who owns a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) business. To be honest, until recently we have never really thought about it or considered it important, as we only own a few small businesses, and our biggest premises is a small retail shop, which isn’t much bigger than 10ft by 15ft! We always thought that PAT Testing was more for larger, office based companies. That was until our friend gave us a bit of a telling off, and so based on that we got fully checked and also asked him to write a small post for us (and you!) on the importance of having your appliances tested properly.

Why you need to get your equipment tested

If you own a small business, chances are you need PAT Testing. Portable Appliance Testing is the process of examining any electrical appliances and devices to make sure that when they are used, they are safe. The testing can be done by visual examination or more complex testing processes, usually carried out by an electrical professional.

By having your equipment tested regularly, then you reduce the risk of an accident occurring or a hazard developing.

Do I have to do this by Law?

This is a common question I get, and the answer is no. However, the law does state that it:

“electrical equipment is maintained so that danger is prevented and this is required by an employer. We don’t say the methods that should be used, or how often it should be performed. We recommend a risk-based approach, where an employer considers the type of equipment and how and what it is used for. Equipment that is moved around a lot (e.g. a vacuum cleaner), can be important to upkeeping a maintenance process which is safe and helps them meet their legal care duty.”

More can be read at the Health and Safety Executive website.

So you don’t have to do PAT, but you do have to keep your electrical equipment maintained, and one of the best ways to do this is with a regular PAT engineer to come to your site and evaluate your equipments safety in one go.

How often does something fail?

Very often actually, which usually surprises people! We use a red, amber, green system when we test, with green being a good pass, amber meaning something needs fixing or replacing – but should be OK to use, and red meaning the equipment is dangerous and shouldn’t be used until fixed or replaced (depending on the severity of the issue).

We often find red items on a visit, including some classic examples such as a health and safety trainer who was giving presentations on ‘fire safety and prevention’. We found his projector had the wires in the plug the wrong way around – which left him a bit red-faced! But we also get plenty of examples of worn-out equipment like kettles in an office, which have been used that many times that they need replacing as the heating elements are dangerous.

The point is, it doesn’t have to be somebody’s fault, or a major hazard waiting to explode – but it can be finding those small things that could become a higher risk, and remedying it before it does. It is all about prevention, as any good health and safety work should be.

How much does it cost?

Well every firm is different, but as a guide we do PAT Testing Manchester for around 50p per item tested, so an office with 280 items would cost £140. Other firms vary, but they are generally around the same cost. The main thing to ask is, is it worth having that extra reassurance and lowering your risk profile? Also, some insurance companies do insist it is done every year in order to cover your business, as it is again about reducing risk.

What is the process?

If you decide to get your work-place PAT assessed, an engineer will come to site on the day you choose, and begin using visual checks and specialist equipment to assess the safety of your portable appliances. They will score each one, and usually label them after with a label such as this:

PAT Label example

If an item fails, a red ‘warning’ label is usually used, and the equipment moved to a safe area so it cannot be used by accident. Once the entire testing process is complete, you should usually receive a summary report on all items tested and their status. The engineer should also be able to advise on amber or red items what the best actions to take are, and if repairs are possible.

Usually you need to do testing once every year to satisfy an insurance company, but if you want more regular testing it is up to you. Just remember, that PAT assessments can help to reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Thanks to Dave Manley of for this post!

Employing New Staff the Right Way!

Hi there readers!

Employing staff tips We often get emailed with people asking about the best way to employ new staff, and avoid the common pitfalls! It’s a tricky subject, however with the right advice, you can navigate it and come out with a winner. Here’s our advice:

  1. Make sure you know exactly what you want first. Many small business owners will know they need some help, but not what they actually want the person to do – they just expect to hire mini version of themselves, who will do whatever is asked of them. This can be problematic for both parties though, as it is unclear what is expected. The best thing to do is to sit down and make a list – start broad, and become more specific, around the tasks and general deliverables you will want from the new staff member. It may be worth while to jot a quick development plan too, to show how they get trained up over time and what they will progress from and to. Nothing too formal, but just along the lines of “0-6 months, learn the general business and take over management of invoices and payments. 6-12 months, learn the accounting procedures and become in charge of that”.
  2. Decide what type of person you are looking for. Have an idea in mind of they type of person you want to employ. Are you looking for someone who is young and can be moulded into the employee you want, or are you after a seasoned professional who can come in and do a job without your help? This will enable you as a small business owner to ensure you are getting the right fit, and narrow your candidate list down when it comes to interviews. You should also consider the fact you can be too specific – don’t rule out someone who looks good just because they aren’t an exact fit on your initial thoughts!
  3. Consider your budget. This is closely linked with number 2, as if you are after a seasoned professional, you need to check the latest salaries on offer in the market to ensure you get a decent employee. If you don’t have a great budget, why not consider employing an apprentice? They are cheap, young, and tend to stick around for many years if treated well and trained up properly in your career. We recently had help taking on an apprentice from the National Academy of Excellence (who are also based in the North-West). They managed to secure us government funding and we can honestly say our apprentice is one of the best we ever employed!
  4. Do the interview with a panel. Even if you have to ask a friend or family member, make sure you have at least 1 other view on the candidate. Sometimes we can miss or misinterpret things, and we need someone else to bounce an opinion off. This is important, as it also puts you in control if you get nervous, as you feel backed up and that you can really delve into an area if you feel it necessary.
  5. Follow up references. A lot of small business owners will take a reference, but then not bother to chase it up as they ‘trust’ their chosen employee and just want to get started – but this can be a huge mistake! Always chase the references up to ensure there is nothing hidden that you need to be aware of. It gives you peace of mind and assures you further you made the right choice.
  6. Develop your staff member. When in a small business environment, we can often suffer from being reactive, instead of proactive. However, we will most likely get a high turnover of staff if we do this, so take the time out to ensure you have a training plan in place, and perhaps enquire into an NVQ (you can get funding for these so it’s free a lot of the time!).

Hopefully these tips cover the main areas to ensure you get a great candidate. There are many more things to look out for, but f you follow these main points, you’ll be well on your way to employing someone who gives back far more than it costs you!

Hire The Services Of An SEO Company For Success In Online Marketing

The competition in online businesses is getting tougher by the minute. Almost every person who runs a business of whatever nature wishes to launch an online outlet of his/ her business, and this is simply a strategy to increase sales of the products or services that the business deals with. Having an online avenue for doing business would simply increase the chances of exposure for your business as clients who are far from your business’ physical location, would as well be able to check out what you have to offer and possibly order. The only businesses which end up successful are those which come up with the most effective and efficient business strategies. SEO Companies therefore come in handy to assist you with your online marketing issues for success in your online business ventures. A proper online marketing strategy from a good SEO company is the key to success in your online business activities. If you’re targeting a local market, rather than national, then a good local SEO company is best, such as this SEO company Cheshire.

How Search Engine Optimization Companies Work TO Make Your Business Better

Getting More Traffic Towards Your Business Website

Internet Traffic Jam

One way through which SEO Companies operate is by simply trying to get as much traffic to your business as possible. This would get the attention of as many people as possible towards your business.

Editing Or Re-developing Your Business Website

A good SEO company, such as, would go through your website under your authorization and then go through every aspect of it. If the company realizes that there is something that needs changing so that your website performs better, they would suggest that to you so you authorize them to make changes on it. In the event that something is missing that would perhaps make your website perform better as an online business, then the SEO company would advise that you have the thing added to your website. They would normally do that for you. Every other factor that needs improving would be changed or have solutions provided to sort them out. Keywords used on the website would have to be revised to be aligned to the strategy that would then have been developed by the SEO company. The language on the website might as well have to be revised by the SEO company if the company thinks that your language is perhaps not good enough for success in regards to their strategy.

Internet And Social Media Marketing

Social Media for SEO

Services like marketing on the internet in general are also provided by SEO companies. This has always been narrowed to marketing on social media where there would certainly be a very huge base of an audience to be targeted. Marketing on social media requires social media marketing strategies as this is the only way for success to be achieved here. Successful strategies for social media marketing would be your only way to success in online business.

Other Services Offered By SEO Companies

Other activities that SEO companies do for you include: maintenance of rankings on the internet, monitoring results, reports ranking, and submission of directories.

Directories would normally first be submitted and then after that the SEO company would place a keen eye on the effect of the submissions on your website. Some sort of analysis would then be done to compare the rankings of keywords. This would involve the comparison of the initial status of the ranking of the keywords that you used and the current status. The results of this exercise would determine how much work would then be needed in order for the desired results to be achieved.

Advantages Of Well Established SEO Companies

There are certain benefits that your business would get from dealing with an SEO company that is well established, well, aside from the obvious roles that SEO companies play as already mentioned. If you live in Cheshire, for example, a good Cheshire SEO agency that is well established would offer you a number of packages that they have for you to choose one that you feel would suit you best. These packages contain the various approaches to online marketing, put down as strategies. The company would certainly play an advisory role towards assisting you pick on the one that would suit your kind of business best, but you will however have the final say on which strategy you think would suit you best. Not all of the SEO strategies would work for all types of businesses. This is therefore a tricky part because your company performance online would then depend on the suitability of the strategy you will have chosen to the type of business you run.

SEO campaigns always run for about 30 days (a month). After this duration has come to an end is when you review the performance of the SEO company that you assigned to do your online marketing job. If the marketing campaign reached a huge audience, then that would mean that the company did a good job in marketing your business online. Likewise, if the marketing job was not well done, then your business would still not reach a huge enough audience. This, you would be able to judge perfectly by looking at the amount of traffic to your website. If your online business is about selling products and services then you would perhaps look at the number of orders that your company will have had by the end of the campaign. If the number has increased then you will know that the campaign has served its purpose. On the other hand, if the end results you desired do not get fulfilled when the campaign period comes to an end then you might want to consider running the campaign again. An option would also be to change the SEO company.

Before you hire the services of an SEO company, you should already have in mind goals and objectives. In the goals and objectives you should clearly put down all the results that you desire to obtain from having online marketing done for your business by professionals. You also need to note that it pays to be as explicit as possible so you tell the company everything that you desire from