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How to Find a Reliable Plumber: Whether You’re Based in California or Congleton!

Finding a plumber is an easy task. Finding a good plumber is not as easy but it is possible. The best way to be sure you got the best one is by starting early. This may not sound like good advice if you need one now so here is what you can do now.

Ask around. Get a few numbers from friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues. People only recommend a person who did a good job. They will be sure to tell you about the disappointments they experienced so listen keenly. If many people speak ill of a particular plumber or plumbing company then avoid it. You may get a few glowing recommendations. If one number appears more than once among your circles, then you know you have a winner.

Consult another professional in the construction industry. If you recently rewired your house or repaired your roof then you have the contacts of these individuals. Ask them to recommend a good plumber they may know. They are most likely to pick the name of a friend. This is not a bad thing. If they were reliable then they will pick a plumber who will give you service that is similar to theirs. They will also be careful not to ruin the reputation that they have built with you.

If you are still unable to pick a choice then check how long the plumber has been in business. This should be relatively simple if he is registered. An experienced plumber should be able to answer most of your questions. It would also be wise to check out a union or registration body. They will have a list of every genuine plumber. They will also caution you against rogue dealers. Finally, if you are not sure who to pick, pick a plumber who is part of a company. A company is likely to be more accountable because they have a physical address and are registered.

Plumbing is, unfortunately, one of those markets and industries, that is often full of con-artists and cowboys. They are unethical and prey on the vulnerable who don’t know enough, or aren’t strong enough to argue, whilst surrounding by a pool of growing water from a leak. So when you have an emergency, or how do you ensure that the person you call to come and fix it ASAP is reliable and won’t overcharge as they believe it’s easy money?

The first option and probably the best, is to have a small list of recommended plumbers (and other emergency tradesmen) on-hand from friends and family – people who have been used before, preferably multiple times, and have a reputation for being fair, ethical and with good service. Plumbers in California or plumbers in Congleton will always rely on a great reputation – this is true all over the world, and so they are the ones to trust the most.

If you have no recommendations list, and you don’t have the time to ask around (lets imagine a growing pool of water in the kitchen!), then the first place you will want to look is online. But don’t jump straight into the plumbers websites themselves yet – instead head over to the Institute of Plumbing, which is an official website to improve plumbers and the way they work. This site also has a directory listing of every plumber, and you can search it fully – the most useful method being by postcode – so instantly you can see all plumbers in Congleton, or wherever you are!

YouTube is another emerging option for finding plumbers that can be reliable, with them taking the time and effort to actually bother putting a video together – see this example of plumbers in Congleton:

When you have begun ringing a few people, make sure you ask them certain questions in order to gauge their professionalism. For example:

  • Ask how long they have been in the plumbing business, and how long they have had this particular company (to ensure they don’t constantly switch names)
  • For non-emergency work – as if they have previous jobs where you would be able to visit and inspect their work (helps rule out those who quit half-way through a job).
  • Does anybody recommend them and can you get their details?
  • Insured plumbers are a must – in case something goes wrong, you want to ensure they can fix it, no matter the costs (accidents do happen to even the best plumbers Congleton sometimes, so ensure your plumber is insured)
  • Do they belong to professional bodies in their industry – e.g. APHC – which regulate all plumbing and heating specialists, these professional bodies have codes of ethics and members must stick to them or they can be reported by you and face being kicked out!